Monday, April 7, 2008

Employment Opportunities or Referrals Needed

Jennifer Pace needs a full-time job. Can you help? Do you know of anyone that is looking for a full-time employee or maybe it's the need of a company you're directly affiliated with? Jennifer is ideally looking for something administrative and her work history involves reception work and other related office duties. She would like a normal, Mon. - Fri. schedule so she can spend the weekends with Gabriel.

Please e-mail Jennifer with any leads:

Please utilize this address only in response to this post and direct any personal concerns to the Caringbridge or this blog's comment arenas.

Friday, March 7, 2008

YOU can make the difference

Six-year-old Gabriel Pace was involved in a motor-vehicle accident in January 2008, when he and his family were hit by a drunk driver. Gabe sustained massive head trauma and was rushed to the hospital. Since that night, he has been in and out of the ICU, undergone several surgeries, and remains in a coma.

Gabriel's mother and father, Scott and Jennifer, have kept vigil over Gabriel daily since the accident. Jennifer has remained by his side almost constantly day and night. However, life goes on and the family has their monthly bills to pay. They need a new car, as their's was totaled and their insurance is insufficient to meet these costs. Both have gone back to work, but they're extremely behind from the extensive work they've missed. Their baby remains in the hospital in a coma, while they try to keep their lives in order. Bills and a rental car are the last thing this family should have to worry about.

Each day brings both advancements and setbacks in Gabriel's recovery. It's an emotional roller coaster for his parents. He is still in a coma and hasn't yet awoken. Once he does however, he will need an around-the-clock nurse, therapy, and several other resources. That will also be an uphill battle for the small family. The family needs a larger apartment to bring Gabe home to, to make room for all of his medical supplies. They'll need funds to help them move.

Let's help this little family. We can make all the difference- with just a small individual donation, a large burden can be lifted from this family's shoulders, if we all work together. We are so blessed in our lives. Let's show our gratitude by helping to bear this family's burden and lifting them a little higher. Over 3500 people have viewed Gabriel's Caringbridge site for updates on his condition. Can you imagine how much we could help the family if each one of those visitors donated $1?